Snow Drifters
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The Snow Drifters have an electronic mail list that we use to communicate club sponsored event information. This list is implemented on Yahoogroups. Information on the server and requests for subscription can be found here at the Snow Drifters Yahoogroup list home.

To unsubscribe from the Snow Drifters email list: click here and send.

To unsubscribe from the old email list at, click here or send e-mail to with the text unsubscribe snowdrifters-club in the body of the message.

Guidelines for use of the e-mail list This e-mail list is for club members' events and club functions, not for broadcasting arguments and discussions. It is not for any trip, event or function that the sender will benefit from personally. No vendors of any sort are permitted to use the list. It is perfectly acceptable if you are trying to arrange rides up to the snow also to use this list. The best rule is not to abuse it with unnecessary and unwanted junk e-mail because people will stop subscribing to it and everyone loses.

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