Snow Drifters
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Snow Drifters Mailing Address

Snow Drifters Ski Club
P.O. Box 396
Mountain View, Ca.  94042

Snow Drifters Officers and Assistants

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PDF Version of Membership + Waivers Forms

Cancellation Policy

Persons wishing to cancel their reservation for any club event (or night in the cabin) for which the club has paid a nonrefundable deposit or otherwise cannot recover the associated cost must notify the person responsible for that event ASAP. Deposits and monies not recoverable by the club are non-refundable. Persons who wish to cancel are responsible for finding their own replacement. Exceptions must be approved by Snow Drifters Board. If the club cancels event, refunds will be given.

Meeting Policy

The distribution of printed material not specifically approved by the Board of Directors of Snow Drifters is prohibited at all club meetings and events. Unauthorized material includes, but is not limited to , flyers advertising non-club functions, advertising of goods and/or services, or sale of products, etc. Board members are authorized to immediately seize and remove any such material. Similarly, any member wishing to address "the club" at any meeting or function must obtain the approval from at least one Board Member prior to addressing the membership. Only club sanctioned information may be presented to the members. Mention of any product or service, either at meetings, events, or in this newsletter, does not constitute endorsement by Snow Drifters. The club assumes no responsibility for the views of its members. The "membership Roster" is the property of Snow Drifters and its distribution to nonmembers is strictly forbidden. The "E-Mail List" is for Snow Drifter sanctioned events only.

Rules for use of the e-mail list

This e-mail list is only for club functions and should not be used for broadcasting arguments and discussions. It is not for any trip, event or function that is an event that the sender will benefit from personally. No vendors of any sort are permitted to use the list. It is perfectly acceptable if you are trying to arrange rides up to the snow also to use this list. The best rule here is not to abuse it with unnecessary and unwanted junk e-mail because people will stop subscribing to it and everyone loses.

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